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Light blacksmith tongs class. CLICK HERETongs forging classes. New dates not set. The light tongs class has always been very popular and we will continue to offer this class in the future. At left are some of the light tongs from a recent tong making class. Every tong demonstrated one step at a time in front of student smiths - demonstrated in an 'I do, you do' format.

The light tongs class is often the first tongs making class for new smiths. The same principles are used later in the heavy tongs classes. Light tongs are much easier work than heavy tongs, so they make for a fast and easy way to learn the overall principles of tongs making.

This class is for serious students of blacksmithing only! Materials are inexpensive and total time is under 4 hours for most beginners. Students take their tongs home with them when finished.



Gargoyle dagger class. CLICK HEREGargoyle dagger classes. New dates not set. This is one of the most popular classes we have ever had. We will continue to offer this class in the future. This class is offered to beginners and experienced blacksmiths alike. At left is a dagger from a recent class on forging flat style gargoyles.

Future classes will include a larger variety of gargoyle and animal heads based on examples from Swedish medieval ironwork.




Page updated 10 October, 2019

The goal of these teaching events is to train a pool of SCA blacksmiths with enough foundation skills to be able to participate in large blacksmithing projects at future SCA events. The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is a non-profit organization which studies and recreates medieval life. The shop of Hans Schlosser is located in the Kingdom of Calontir. These classes are not part of SCA. This webpage is part of a private website and is not an official website representing the Society for Creative Anachronism.


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