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UPDATED September 19, 2019.

Click here to see Ironrose pageIron rose carving demonstration October 5th, 2002. At this event, our team of blacksmiths carved a  wrought iron rose from a single bar of iron 1-1/2" round, using traditional methods taught to European blacksmiths for centuries. The event was filmed for an amateur video entitled Fire & Roses.

Fire & Roses ~ Forging a Queen's Rose, is now available on DVD. More information can be found on the ironrose page by clicking on the picture at left or follow this link:




Light blacksmith tongs class. CLICK HERETongs forging classes. The light tongs class has always been very popular and we will continue to offer this class in the future. At left are some of the light tongs from a recent tong making class. Every tong demonstrated one step at a time in front of student smiths - demonstrated in an 'I do, you do' format.

The light tongs class is often the first tongs making class for new smiths. The same principles are used later in the heavy tongs classes. Light tongs are much easier work than heavy tongs, so they make for a fast and easy way to learn the overall principles of tongs making.

This class is for serious students of blacksmithing only! Materials are inexpensive and total time is under 4 hours for most beginners. Students take their tongs home with them when finished.



Gargoyle dagger class. CLICK HEREGargoyle dagger classes. This is one of the most popular classes we have ever had. We will continue to offer this class in the future. This class is offered to beginners and experienced blacksmiths alike. At left is a dagger from a recent class on forging flat style gargoyles.

Future classes will include a larger variety of gargoyle and animal heads based on examples from Swedish medieval ironwork.






Old photos of the shop

Tool boxes moved November 2005Steel Side-draft forge November 2005Vise stand and tongs rack.November 30th, 2005. The floor along the south side of the shop was torn out and replaced with a roughly level surface. Much of the equipment and horse related gear that once cluttered every available bench top, was moved to another harness room. There is much more space available and some of the trip hazards in the floor have been eliminated by the replacement of the south floor. There is however still some equipment that needed to be removed.

Work area machinery November 2005Back of shop open floor space November 2005Work area and drills November 2005




Blacksmith shop October 2004Blacksmith shop, view from rear of shop, October 2004Drills moved, layout bench moved, October 2004Old photos of the blacksmith shop as it was during October 2005 - shortly before repairing the floor on the south side of the shop. Most of this equipment has been moved or upgraded. The reason that the air hammer is seen so imposing in these photos is because there was little floor space available in the shop at the time. Every available table and bench was covered with tools and horse gear or something and the reduced work space pushed everything and everyone (including the cameraman) closer together.

Drills moved to open area of shop January 2004Blacksmith shop October 2004






Large cast iron forge.Cast iron forge in use recently.Left rear of shop, forge, anvil, layout table, benches, tools.Left rear shop, forge, anvil, benches, tools, trip hammer.Old shop photos. Date of photos-spring and summer of 2000. Some of this equipment has either been sold, removed, or rearranged.

More photos of the steel hoodless forge can be seen at and photos of the cast iron forge can be seen at


Right rear shop, sidedraft forge, anvil, trip hammer, tools, layout table.Right front of shop with sidedraft forge and drillsLeft side shop, layout table, forge, anvil, welder, bench

Helper inspired by Yellin letterhead

Helper animal head detail









Spring 2003 RUSH session.

Photo page of this event! Follow the link here.

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