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Jump page for all sorts of articles on blacksmith's tools. For now we start out with an article linked below to help the beginner get the tools he/she will need to get started. These pages are updated often so check the date of each link to find when the last edition or update was made. An article is planned (after we do another photo shoot) to teach new smith how to make good light tongs such as those seen on my Tongs class page at The tongs article will appear after the shop is upgraded and repaired in fall 2003.

Buying Tools. Latest update August 15th, 2001. Where to find tools. Locating sales that may have blacksmith's tools, what to buy and what to look for and what not to not buy, where to buy blacksmith's coal.

Setting up Shop. Latest update December 23, 2001. Under construction. How and where to setup tools, setting proper height of anvil and forge, etc.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO ANVILS PAGE - Refflinghaus 1858-220Anvils. Updated February 7, 2014. Formatting changes. Updates links to suppliers, and on current anvil availability and economy..


Legvise mounted to steel bench with wood shim. Click to EnlargeLegvise. New October 1, 2002. How and where to find a leg vise, inspecting the leg vise, setup, and use.



Light blacksmith tongs class. CLICK HERETongs. Under construction. Updating December 19th, 2013.



Where to learn. Not ready. Under construction June 1, 2002. Museums and businesses that use blacksmith techniques and allow the beginner to watch and/or learn blacksmith's trade.


Centaur 1989 - Kuhn Air Hammers ComparisonAir Hammers. Updated March 24, 2008. A reference page. Links to distributors and manufacturers of air hammer (forging hammers) and hammer tooling for blacksmiths. Choosing a size of hammer based on size of forgings that the smith expects to work with. Information on a variety of air hammers gathered from catalogs and other sources. Currently featured air hammers include Kuhn air hammers, Striker Tool air hammers.

Page created September 10th, 2005.


Little Giant 25-pound hammer October 2002.

Mechanical Hammers. Under construction. New page started February 4th, 2007.




Click For Video - Forging the Ironrose part 1Forging an Ironrose. October of 2002 at the shop of Hans Schlosser, a small group of people gathered to watch an ironrose forged by hand from a solid bar of iron. This is the only website on the internet today that shows a rose forged from a solid bar of iron. The ironrose page shows the real thing. Video of the event is now available on DVD. Click on the picture link at left or this link: to see more on this event.




Updated September 17, 2019