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A blacksmith's reference to manufacturers and distributors of pneumatic forging hammers (air hammers), tooling for forging hammers, books and notes for hammer owners and buyers, the Kuhn lineup of air hammers, and details on the set-up of my own STC-88 hammer made by Striker Tool Company.

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Kuhn Air Hammers

Manufacturers & distributors of air hammers. Listing of makers and distributors of pneumatic forging hammers in the U.S., Germany, Austria, Britain, China. The list is far from complete and will be updated as I have time.

Page created April 16th, 2006.



Centaur 1991 - Kuhn Air Hammers ComparisonKuhn Maschinentechnik . Kuhn air hammers have been made in Germany since at least the 1960's. The company has a reputation for producing high quality hammers. The designs have changed several times over the years with a focus on improving quality and reducing maintenance and other down time. This page focuses on the Kuhn line up from past to present.

Page created April 16, 2006.



The author's Striker Tool Co.  STC-88 air hammerSTC-88 Air Hammer.  Describes the design and build-up of the webmaster's Striker STC-88 air hammer. Materials, construction of steel work stand, motor mounting and electrical service, lubrication & oiler operation, drawings, troubleshooting, and other helpful hints. This page was originally created in February 2004 and has now (February 2005) become the largest and most informative small air hammer resource on the internet today. Just try to find a bigger webpage with more information on it anywhere on the internet! Lots of pictures showing nearly everything concerning the build-up, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting motor problems during initial setup. For the hammer owner that has never set up a new forging hammer before, this page will be of great help.


Cutting a heavy barTooling for air hammers. Under construction. This page will focus on dies and hand held tooling for air hammers later. Where to get tooling, making tools, pictures of tools in use, and books showing tools used by other shops.

Page created April 16, 2006.


Resources for Forging Hammer Owners & Users. Under construction. Books showing tooling and forging techniques used with air/steam and mechanical hammers.

Page created April 16, 2006.


A letter from the late Bill Pieh

A letter from Bill Pieh, lately of Centaur Forge. It is a PDF file so it should print well. This excellent letter includes helpful information for both comparing different air hammers and power hammers as well as choosing a hammer size based on the intended work that the buyer intends to use the hammer. In early 1991 I was able to visit one of the factories in Augsburg Germany that makes the Kuhn air hammers. The small shop that I visited assembled the newer style hammers (K-12/42 and K-24/53). Along with the literature that they gave me, this letter was included from Bill Pieh at Centaur Forge ltd -their north American distributor.

Great reference material no matter what brand of hammer a smith chooses!

This is a large PDF file. 1.8 megabytes.


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Page created September 10, 2005.