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Manufacturers and distributors of pneumatic forging hammers for blacksmiths.

Note that some of the air hammers listed on this page look identical (or nearly so) to each other and it is difficult to determine if some companies are selling the hammers from the same manufacturer or if they only look similar.


Gross-Umstadt, Germany. Made in Germany.


Frickenhausen, Germany. Made in Germany. Pneumatic forging hammers and tooling for forging hammers.


Manufactured in Augsburg Germany. The manufacturer's website:

Available in the USA from Centaur Forge in Burlington, Wisconsin, USA.:

The information presented on this page for Kuhn air hammers comes from tool catalogs, blacksmith magazines, and reference materials and letters from the manufacturer and Centaur Forge.

New style Kuhn air hammers (K/CF22, K/CF40, K/CF50, etc.)

Centaur 2003 - Kuhn Air Hammers ComparisonThese are the new style hammers currently being produced by Kuhn.

The north American distributor for the newer style Kuhn air hammers is Centaur Forge. The page scan at left is from the 2003 Centaur catalog. This hammer appears to use no oil. This was a very new design that was made possible by advancement in air pump technology that was not available in the 1960s and 1970s when the earlier models were designed. I have no other information on this new style hammer and have not had the opportunity to see one of these hammers operating.

Centaur Forge is the north American distributor for the new Kuhn K/CF style hammers.

Go to the Centaur Forge website to see more on these hammers.


Brian Russell Designs - Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Manufactured in Turkey.

Pieh Tool Company - Camp Verde, Arizona, USA. Manufactured in Turkey. This is a large website and they offer a large variety of blacksmithing tools and horseshoeing tools and books on their website. CLASSES OFFERED! The owner of Pieh Tool Company offers blacksmithing classes.


Ozark School of Blacksmithing - Potosi Missouri, USA. Manufactured in Turkey. NOTE: The owner of this school/company died around the time that I was putting this page together. The remaining inventory of hammers and other tools are being sold off through the original school website.

Reliant Engineers, ltd

London, U.K.  Sahinler Air Hammers? I have no other information on this vendor at this time. See their website.

Stadler Machine

Strasswalchen, Austria. Made in Austria.

Striker Tool Company

Striker/Shanxi Air Hammers. Significant american design improvements. Made in China. (old distributor's website: ) Factory link: Shanxi No.2 Forging Press & Machine Tool

The U.S. distributor of the Striker hammers is out of business. I have not been able to contact him. At this time I am contacting other distributors that might be interested in promoting this line of hammers. It will take some time for a new distributor to come on line. News will be posted here later. Until then, parts must be ordered from the factory. See the link above.

Striker Tool Summer Sale 2005Striker Tool Sale Summer 2005Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) - NOT like other Chinese made hammers, Striker has made large improvements to these hammers including heavier anvils, heavier and more robust frames, larger open die gap for taller tooling, higher quality manufacturing standards for longer life and the same great dependability that blacksmiths come to expect from this manufacturer's European competitors. Striker hammers are made with far more quality control than their competitors hammers in the same class- compare a Striker side by side with an Anyang and see the difference! These hammers have a reputation for excellent construction and trouble-free service.

To see more photos of the Striker STC-88 hammer that I use in my shop, click this link: .


West Midlands, U.K.  Air hammers made in U.K.? Sahinler hammers made in Turkey? I have no accurate information on this source or manufacture. See their website.


Forging hammers made in China, .

Sino-Texas Imports, ,

Warning! There are important reasons for listing Anyang last on this page. Anyang has numerous problems. One of the most serious problems is their hammer rams becoming stuck or jammed in the cylinder. I first heard about this problem a few years ago while speaking with a former Anyang hammer salesman. He also told me that he had given up on selling Anyang hammers because they had so many problems and refused to work with the distributor to solve them. These problems included valves improperly set up/balanced, and rams becoming jammed in the cylinders. Today the jammed rams are so common with Anyang hammers, distributors often recommend owners 'warm up' their hammers for long periods of time to try to loosen up the cylinders before beginning work. Anyang hammer owners also complain of valve problems and overheating problems (possibly caused by poor cylinder/ram fit). Recent photos of Anyang hammers at an ABANA chapter blacksmithing conference show discovered voids in the frame that began leaking oil after the paint and filler that had hidden the voids began to loosen up. Some photos showed a large tapered or tilted gap (die surfaces not parallel) between top and bottom die caused by improper and inaccurate machining, and another photo showed cracks developing in the frame. One of the Anyang hammers used at the ABANA chapter conference had its ram become stuck or seized in the cylinder during operation/demonstration. The emails are coming in! Recently I began receiving emails from Anyang owners asking for recommendations on repairing their new Anyang hammers. If they had bought another brand of hammer then they wouldn't be having problems. The only reason I bother to provide links to this manufacturer is because so many blacksmiths have heard of them both on the internet and at blacksmith shows where Anyang's distributors offer live demonstrations of their hammers. No other brand of hammer has so many angry customers or complaints!

Some problems can be avoided by buying these hammers through a distributor like the one listed above. The distributors in the U.S. work hard to try to solved the problems described above, but they are not immune to Anyang's games. I know of at least one distributor in the United States who got stuck with a container load of Anyang hammers that didn't work. Buy through a distributor and let them take care of it. Also be aware that some distributors in other countries do a very poor job of setting up their hammers and instructing new owners on set up and operation of new hammers. One salesman in particular (from Europe) seems to spend a lot of time on internet forums recommending improper and damaging modifications to their hammers, and making bogus and misleading comparisons between his Anyang hammers and the hammers sold by his competitors. Modifying an air hammer should be avoided. Any and all changes can have unexpected consequences resulting in diminished performance, damage to the machine, or injury to the hammer operator.

Anyang is a spammer/phishing scammer, and for more than 11 years now, I have been spammed repeatedly by Anyang, their Nigerian phishing scam buddies, and illegal drug pushers and credit card scammers. Anyang harvests email addresses of blacksmiths and trades or sells them to known thieves and scammers. Some of Anyang's friends like to load email accounts with gigantic slow loading picture files and all of them load emails with picture files that are designed to track receipt of their spam. Want to see some examples of some of the many credit card phishing scams and "419 Nigerian spams" that I have received from Anyang and their friends? Follow this link: .

To summarize, Anyang sucks. That is why they get listed dead last on this page.

Page last updated on September 15, 2019.

There are more hammers and manufacturers and distributors to add to this page but I do not have time to find them all.


Page created April 16, 2006.