Mechanical Hammers

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UPDATED September 17th, 2019.

New mechanical power hammers. I will follow this source to learn more soon. Might be made by Rattan Hammers. The Rattan Hammers website does not show these style of hammers though. And they plan to add a new line of pneumatic forging hammers soon. Exported by Maneklal Exports, Mumbai, India:

Little Giant power hammers. Parts and service, and rebuilt hammers:  The following literature scans are from Sid Suedmeier at Little Giant. I got these from Sid many years ago when I ordered parts for my old hammer from him.

Foundation plan for 25-lbs. Little Giant hammer

Instructions for 25-lbs. Little Giant hammer

Little Giant literature

Little Giant hammer specifications

Installing new motor on older style Little Giant hammers

Parts list for Little Giant hammers page 1 of 3

Parts list for Little Giant hammers page 2 of 3

Parts list for Little Giant hammers page 3 of 3






Tooling for power hammers. Most power hammers can be adjusted to accept hand-held dies and spring-swages and other hand-held tools. This the same tooling used with air hammers. Some of these tools can be extremely valuable for complex shaping of the iron in single heat. These tools work best when flat dies are installed in the hammer.

Cutting a heavy barTooling for air hammers (AND mechanical power hammers!). Under construction. This page will focus on dies and hand held tooling for air hammers later. Where to get tooling, making tools, pictures of tools in use, and books showing tools used by other shops.

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Latest update: September 17, 2019.


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