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Gates, railings, lanterns, grillwork, etc. This page takes visitors to more pages showing a variety of ironwork both modern and very old. I was involved in production of the modern metalwork products seen on this page, and the historical ironwork linked on this page comes from photographs taken during my travels around the world to study ironwork. I am a locksmith or 'mechanic' which is the old way of describing a blacksmith who specialized in building gates, railings, locks, grillwork, or made repairs and replacement machine parts and tooling. Under construction.

Historical Ironwork

Photographs from visits to historical sites during my study of ironwork.


Iron & Copper Garden Gate.December 18th, 2001. The Beautiful Fountain, (die Schner Brunnen) Nuremburg, Germany. Photos of a beautiful and famous historic wrought iron fountain enclosure. These photos were made during one of my trips to Nuremburg in 1990 and 1991. The fountain dates back to the 14th century and is protected by a renaissance period wrought iron gate and grill.

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Modern Ironwork & Metalwork

Here are some of the many things I have worked on in the recent past.


Iron & Copper Garden Gate.October 24th, 2000. Garden gate of Iron & Copper. Here is garden gate we built around the winter of 1996. The gate is visible beside the home and draws the eye along the width of the home. It adds a lighthearted whimsical touch to the rather substantial Italianate architectural style of the home. Hand made hinge escutcheons and strike plate, and a hand forged handle pull complement the gate. Vines and leaves of copper will eventually oxidize and add their greenish-brown  patina to accent the garden.

To see this gate and its construction, click on the picture or follow this link





Modern style brass railing

July 28th, 2003. Modern style brass and glass stair railing. Photos of a modern style brass railing we built for a curved stairway and floor enclosure. Months of work went into fabricating this brass hand rail. Made entirely of brass welded and polished to a mirror finish. Brackets from a brass supplier were machined to fit the pipe we selected and hand fitted to the finished railing. The railing follows a continuously curving outline. Glass panels to be added later by another company.

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Modern style brass railing

March 1995. Drive gate closely based on a renaissance park gate from 17th century France. The frames and all the decorative ironwork filling these gates are heavy forgings. Placing heavy bars on edge in the gate frames admits light to pass through and allows these gates appear to be much lighter than they actually are. It is a bit of copycat work but still one of my favorite past projects.






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