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17 September, 2019. Now 4 pages of armor photos from museums linked below and 1 page of armour descriptions. This is the jump page for all my Medieval Armour & Weapons stuff, Medieval Ironwork, Castles, Museums with collections of old tools and machinery, and Society for Creative Anachronism Armour and Largess.

Medieval Armour

Late gothic period armour for man on foot or horseback, Philadelphia Museum of ArtNovember 21st, 2000. Late gothic period armour for man on foot or horse, from the Kienbusch Collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. This armour located in a well lit display, shows all the influence of the earlier gothic period- light fluting for strength and decoration as well as the deep linear arched and pointed outlines of the individual parts. An excellent example of armour for the study of armour construction.

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Gothic armour from HohenschwangauNovember 13th, 2000. Gothic Equestrian Harness from the castle Hohenschwangau near Füssen Germany. Located about  90 miles southwest of Munich (across the pass from Neuschwanstein. There are two armours on display at Hohenschwangau, one of which is my favorite gothic harness. This is a German style armour from the late 15th century.

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Gothic armour from the Walters museum of Art in Baltimore MD.September 18th, 2000. Italian gothic equestrian harness from the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore Maryland, USA. The Walters Art Gallery has a very small and very nice collection of medieval armour comprised of about a half dozen complete armours and some individual pieces along with some weapons in their collection. Well worth the visit. The armours are housed in glass cases so some glare may be a problem during photography.

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Gothic armour from the Philadelphia Museum of Art.October 10th, 2000. Gothic equestrian harness from the Kienbusch collection at the Philadelphia Museum Of Art in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA. A medium sized collection of good medieval armour comprised of complete suits of armour, horse armours, pieces of armour, and weapons. Many of the armours are in glass cases so photography may be difficult.

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Armor descriptions- Click here

Armour Diagrams from a variety of sources to help viewers name the parts of medieval armours. No place else on the net has this many descriptions and pictures showing and naming the parts of an armour. And I'm just getting started. More diagrams coming with actual photos of armours. Page created on November 15th, 2001. Page updated/repaired October 15th, 2002.

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An armour dictionary is begun at and will have more definitions and small photos added to the definitions later.


Medieval Ironwork

Iron & Copper Garden Gate.December 18th, 2001. The Beautiful Fountain, (die Schöner Brunnen) Nuremburg, Germany. Photos of the wrought iron fountain enclosure from one of my trips to Nuremburg in 1990 and 1991. The fountain dates back to the 14th century and is protected by a renaisannce period wrought iron gate and grill.

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Medieval Blacksmith Shops

Scythesmith's shop - Vienna Technical MuseumUpdated February 27th, 2005.  Scythesmith's shop at the Vienna Museum of Science and Industry, Vienna, Austria. Pictures are still captures from VHS video made at the museum around 1990 and 1991. The shop depicts a scythesmith shop with a double forge and 3 water powered tilt hammers.


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