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Updated September 16th, 2019.

Previous update January 16th, 2001. Showcasing forges used for professional blacksmith and locksmith work. Here are 5 pages of photos of coal forges in use by shops which build ornamental gates and railings, build and repair agricultural tools and machinery, and forges which produced historical reproductions of implements and ironwork used long ago. A short text will accompany each picture describing the work of that shop as well as specific details of each photo. This is the second in a series of 3 jump pages linking to my documentary on the blacksmith's coal forge. More pages are found at links at the bottom of this page.

Double forge for blacksmiths, Sturbridge MA, USAOld Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, Massachusetts, 1992. Masonry double forge for blacksmiths.

The village blacksmith shop at the Old Sturbridge Village living history museum has a double forge built of brick. The shop is a museum depicting the work of local craftsman in an early 19th century Massachusetts rural village. For more on this forge click on the picture or the link here and above to view Old Sturbridge village blacksmith shop. 




The Authors First Brick Side Draft Forge, 1993My First Brick & Steel Forge, December 1993. Masonry and steel side draft forge for blacksmith.

Before going to work for another ornamental iron shop, I once worked entirely out of my own shop. This was my forge.  A sidedraft forge built of  brick and steel. Also on this page are some of my fabricated steel forges.

These forges were used to make medieval style ironwork such as renaissance style gates, armour, and weapons of the medieval period. Also made in this shop were modern tools, agricultural machine parts and repairs, and horse shoes and blacksmith's tools. A good page for those thinking about building their own blacksmith's forge. For more on this forge click on the picture or the link here and above to view Steel & Brick. 



Korean Blacksmith's Forge At the Korean Folk Museum.South Korea, 1988. Small blacksmith's forge in a farming village.

A fully enclosed style stone forge built as a reproduction of that which may have once been commonly used by Korean blacksmiths in small farming communities during the 19th century. The smith here makes small cutting tools for harvesting rice other types of foods grown in the area, and tools for domestic use in the home and on the farms. This shop is located in an open air folk museum depicting life in a 19th century Korean farm village. The tools seen in the photos are real and were made by the smiths working here. Many of these tools are actually still in use by small farmers for working rice at the time this photo was taken. For more on this forge click on the picture or the link here and above to view Korean Blacksmith forge. 



2 Forges at Old Thresher's, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.Old Threshers Re-union, North Village, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, updated September 8th, 2007. A small brick side draft forge for blacksmiths.

Mt. Pleasant is home to one of the largest steam power shows in the U.S. On site is a very large permanent collection of antique farm equipment and steam locomotives and steam tractors. A small craft village has been set up to add both atmosphere of 19th century America and to demonstrate the craftsmanship of the last era. One of the shops is a permanently set up blacksmith demonstration shop complete with a brick forge and hand operated bellows. The blacksmith at this show demonstrates the craft and makes small tourist type items for sale such as 's' hooks, candle holders, lantern holders, kitchen tools and utensils, and other small items for sale to show attendees. This would make a nice forge for a small home shop. For more on this forge click on the picture or the link here and above to view the Old Threshers Re-union . 



Cast Iron forge for blacksmiths.Factory-Made forges. Late 19th to mid-20th centuries. Forges of all kinds.

Ready made forges for blacksmiths, farriers, and construction work. This page is begun with photos of the large cast iron blacksmith's forge pictured at left. More forges will be added to this page as I acquire pictures later. The factory made forge is a complete self contained unit for heating the iron. Most were equipped with their own blowers or bellows. These forges were made in a wide range of sizes and qualities for every type of shop and budget. Some were quite practical and useful, some were not. On this page is an example of a large Canedy-Otto cast iron shop forge and a Buffalo fabricated forge. For more on these forges click on the picture at left or the link here and above to view Factory-Made Forges. 



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